It’s almost Fall Back time!

Christmas specialTop 5 reasons to take your Holiday photos before DST ends – November 6th

For me as a photographer, Holiday photos are one of my favorite times of year. Not just to help my clients build their annual portrait but to receive them in the mail. I love seeing how everyone’s family has grown and changed over the last year. It’s like a visual progress report.

For one day, everyone is in the same spot and a snapshot is created that will go into the family album. I love being part of that. And now is the time!

5 reasons to take your Holiday photos before DTS ends

  1. You still have your summer glow. Let’s be honest, your skin is most beautiful when it is sun-kissed and healthy-looking. And having sun-kissed skin in your Christmas photos just goes to show that living in San Diego really is the best! 😉
  2. The days are long. As soon as Daylight Savings comes, its 5pm sunsets and dark by your drive home from work. And we lose the window of beautiful sunset light that really set off beach photos. October has one of the best lighting for afternoon and early evening photoshoots. Coincidence? I think not.
  3. Avoid the crowds. School is in, summer is over and while the beaches have cooled off, that means that you have them to yourself. And since most people aren’t prepared and on top of it, like you are, there are no other Holiday photoshoots happening around you.
  4. The Holidays are already busy enough! Why not frontload your schedule with the busy work so you can enjoy the holiday lights, songs and family events instead of having to stress about getting your holiday cards made? And you can take advantage of pre-season specials on printing!
  5. Photographers get busy. I know for me, prime windows for photoshoots, like weekends and evenings fill up fast. So if you’d like a prime spot like a Sunday afternoon, as opposed to a Wednesday morning, its best to get into the schedule now. Of course, I’ll always do my best to make time for my clients but I can be so much more flexible in October than in late November.

Call or email me to schedule your Holiday photoshoot now! … Even if it has to be in late November 😉