1940’s Retro Event with Team Studio Savvy at the Del Mar Racetrack

Del Mar celebrates it’s 76th year for the Del Mar Racetrack with “Haute As Ever” – the worlds largest Instagram meet-up.  The event had a 1940’s retro them, including a jazz band, antique cars, furniture and of course, 1940’s hair, make-up and fashion.  Event sponsor Studio Savvy Salon did an amazing job with the model’s hair and make-up.   Enjoy!

about me:  I am a “technically” trained still photographer, but it doesn’t keep me away from having fun with my DSLR video.  I’ve realized the rules of lighting are all the same, however, the tools used to control the lighting are a little different.  A DSLR camera is what professional photographer shoots with.    In video DSLR, you can still use the same body and lenses, just flip the switch to shoot in the video mode.  As far as the difference in lighting control between a still shot mode vs video mode, the shutter speed is no longer an option to control the exposture throughout the video, because in video, the shutter speed translates to frames per second.  Frames per second (fps) need to remain constant throughout the video, if not you may have problems in post production.  You can still manage the exposure by changing the F-stop.   I added a vintage look to this shoot, by de-saturating the color, at adding a vignette to the outside edges.