the “peoples” photographer

Jody Lynn Photography

Whenever I tell people I am a photographer, it is usually followed by the question, “what do you shoot?”  I almost always say..”People!”  Although I do take jobs shooting Real Estate, and I have been dabbling in Food and Product Photography, people are, by far, my favorite. And when I say people, I really mean portraits.  I find event photography a bit more stressful, and weddings… forget it!  Call me for engagement photos or just bridal photography, but wedding photographers are pricey for a reason…. it’s a ton of work!

I like to set up my shots in a more predictable fashion.  I want to manage my lighting, the best that I can.  I love to capture the innocence of babies and the joy in children.    Everything and everyone in this world is in a constant state of change, it’s nice to freeze time in a photograph.

If you are in the San Diego Area and would like me to capture your life in a photo shoot, contact me through my website.